16-Week Personalized Protocol from Dr. Morse


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Dr. Morse will review the Health Questionnaire and any additional information that you have sent to develop your protocol. You will receive 16 weeks of herbal recommendations with instruction sheets on how to take your herbs, all of it specific to YOUR weaknesses! (This option does not include a consultation with Dr. Morse. It will only include the list of recommended formulas suggested).

We do not offer personalized diet plans! The suggested diet recommended by Dr. Morse will always be focused on raw fruits and vegetables, avoiding cooked foods, meats, dairy products, etc. Take advantage of the fruits and vegetables that are fresh and ripe now and keep it organic when possible! Keep it exciting, challenge yourself, and have fun with your journey!

Protocols from Dr. Morse are generally completed within an 8 to 10-week time frame once the required paperwork and payment has been received, however it may be sent to you sooner! Don’t wait to begin your detoxification journey while awaiting your protocol! Get started on yourself as soon as you can! Begin transitioning to all raw fruits and vegetables, visit our website and take advantage of the free educational materials available to you, and get started on the herbs while you wait!

*We may request additional eye photos if the quality is not sufficient. Please note that this can delay the time it takes for you to receive your protocol and review from Dr. Morse. *

*The cost of formulas suggested on protocols is not included in the fees and will need to be purchased separately*



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