What Doctors Don’t Know


By Ron Garner

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What if everything you have been told about disease is not true?This book can change your life because it shatters what we have been taught about health and disease for generations.Learn why:~ Understanding health is simple~ Disease has only one basic cause~ The autoimmune theory is false~ Your kidneys and adrenal glands must be strong~ You are the only one who can make yourself healthyRead this book and take back your power to be healthy!Author Ron Garner, BEd, MSc, writes from personal experience how and why these health principles work. He collaborated with Dr. Robert Morse, who discovered them, to help more people know the truth about health and disease.Robert Morse, ND, departed from conventional medical thinking to discover how the human body really works to generate health. He has been helping people around the world for almost fifty years to reverse serious health problems and live vibrant lives.

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