Along the Path of Enlightenment


By Sheilana Massey, D.D.

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After publishing my first book, Peace Has No Space for Memories, readers commented that they would like to know how the material enhanced my life. This book is about my journey into All That Is. It includes personal experiences, questions and responses that surface from that somewhere within my being and explores personal incidents and insights that have led me to embrace spirituality as a way of life. Direct concepts, meditations and exercises that have been quite relevant to the path I am walking are presented to support awakening as an integral aspect of being human.

I know not what messages others may find in this book, for every experience is colored and flavored by personal projections, concepts and feelings about what we call God. Perhaps you will be encouraged to awaken your hidden Essence.

We are unique. We are Divine. Individually or as a group, we are the expression of evolution—from this experience, to this thought, to this action, into another and another. Enlightenment is not limited to any sect or religion. It is available to every human and is what we are searching for in all our practices. We spend time and money looking outside ourselves for the perfect structure to hold us in this search while the truth is within each of us.

Other books written about enlightenment do so from a particular religious idea whereas Along the Path of Enlightenment relates to a personal Spirit connection embracing spirituality as a way of life empowerment that can be realized individually. Words are for the mind to use while one’s real energy is connecting to Essence, a quality of Love that intellect can only begin to describe.

This book is not written to solve anything but to stimulate readers’ willingness to discover other possibilities for living fully in an expanded realm of Love.

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